Lady Gaga: Pokey Face: All We Hear Is Lady Gaga

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Britney Spears can be a virtual Midas – everything she touches turns to gold. Not only does she pull in the dough for singing and dancing on stage, but her endorsements have padded her bank account quite nicely at the same time. Britney’s 2001 promotional contract with Pepsi would be a multi-million dollar one to the star. Then, by making use of Elizabeth Arden, Britney created her first perfume called “Curious” in 2004, along with mere weeks it had earned $100 million in sales. With such success in scents, why visit one? She followed her first perfume using the 2005 successful scent called “Fantasy,” which became a similar Spears success. Having smelled success inside perfume industry, Britney kept close to rolling in it. In 2006 she released “Curious: In Control” and “Midnight Fantasy” also. And if that wasn’t enough, she created “Curious Heart” in January, 2008 through then her perfume profits had exceeded her wildest imagination. Successful scents aside, Spears reaches her monetary best while onstage, entertaining her fans. Despite the tours netting her more than anything else, Britney is constantly on the branch out. Spears has published four books, created a computer game, and marketed a doll. This superstar has earned for herself over $350 million in Britney Spears tour sales, and over $185 million in Britney Spears merchandise sales.